The Experimental College

The ExCo Department is the only student-run, for-credit Experimental College in the country, and is maintained and overseen by a group of Oberlin students called the ExCo Committee. The ExCo Committee is made up of 4-6 current Oberlin students, one of whom serves as the Chair of the Committee.

Members of the Committee perform a variety of functions to maintain the ExCo Program, including reviewing course applications and interviewing potential instructors; planning and hosting the ExCo Fair; allocating SFC funds to instructors; working with administration to affect policy; and helping instructors brainstorm any problems that might arise throughout the semester.

The ExCo Committee celebrating their newfound ability to charge cookies at the Cat to the ExCo department budget

The ExCo Committee also makes itself available to all students and community members taking an ExCo course. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding their ExCo may always meet with a member of the Committee to address their course and brainstorm potential solutions.

The Committee meets once a week on Sunday afternoons, and each member holds an additional two hours of “office hours” throughout the week. If you would like to meet with a member of the ExCo Committee, feel free to drop by during our office hours (please note that some hours are listed as “by appointment only,” which means you should email us at least 24 hours in advance).

Interested in taking an ExCo?

Be sure to attend the ExCo Fair to talk with the instructor for the course you want to take. Admission into ExCo courses is at the instructor’s discretion, so email them to ask if they have a course application. Sometimes, instructors will list a course application in the Course Catalog.