The Experimental College

Office Hours

What is ExCo?

Oberlin ExCo is the only completely student-run Experimental College Program in the nation. The ExCo Committee runs the department, completing tasks such as applications, instructor orientation, and registration. Nearly 70 courses are taught each semester on a broad range of topics that reflect the interests of the student body.


Teaching an ExCo is one of my most cherished memories at Oberlin. I’ve learned so much both from my co-instructors and my students. Oberlin wouldn’t be Oberlin without the Experimental College!

Angie Vaaler ’18, SexCo Instructor

I have been able to share my world of dance with my students, and nothing can compare to the joy of dancing together. ExCos create a true sense of community.

Rosemary Shin, Beginning Tap ExCo

Exco has benefited me by creating a space where we can explore interesting ideas cooperatively and alongside the curricular mainstream.