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EXCO-220: Intro to ASL/Deaf Culture

Instructor: Katharine Ware

This course will give students an introduction to Deaf culture with a strong emphasis on American Deaf culture. You will learn basic American Sign Language (ASL) and how to interact with and around d/Deaf people. Topics covered in this course will include Deaf media and how Deafness is depicted in mainstream media, basic ASL vocabulary, disability theory in regards to Deafness, audism, Deaf spaces, Deaf history and achievements, and other aspects of Deaf culture. We will also be integrating more language into this course with the second hour of class being a voice-off space for learning ASL and the first hour being a voice-on space for learning Deaf culture elements. This means you will be required to do work outside of class to keep up your vocabulary and signing skills as we make language more of a focus for the course.

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