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EXCO-406: MythCo

Instructor: Emily Spezia-Shwiff

This course will examine the Greek myths that Rick Riordan incorporates into his series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO). This course is designed to dig deeper into the myths and the main question we are going to be looking at is, “Does Rick Riordan effectively use old myths to tell a new story?” We will also be examining how close he stays to the original myth, and how he reuses quests completed by ancient heroes to further his new plot. Each class will begin with a lecture detailing the stories of the myths we are discussing that day. Through discussion, we will then compare how the original myth is different from how the myth is presented in PJO. This class is discussion intensive and this class is all about diving back into our childhood literature, so you are encouraged to bring up any memories you have of reading PJO as a child.

Prerequisites: Having read Percy Jackson and the Olympians (or special circumstances).

Requirements: Access to at least two PJO books and completing a mid-term and final assignment.

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