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EXCO-465: Video Games as Art

Instructor: Rami Teeter

From Mario to Fortnite to Goat Simulator, video games have become a central part of American and global culture. About 60% of Americans say they play some kind of video game daily, and there are over two billion gamers worldwide. However, despite their ubiquitous presence in modern culture, if there’s one thing we all know about video games, it’s that they melt your brain, make you violent, and are probably going to beat up your cat. In this class, however, we will attempt to find a different side of games (and hopefully one that leaves our cat alone). The goal of this class is to understand what makes a game successful or unsuccessful as a work of art and explore the challenges and advantages unique to video games as a storytelling medium. We will play about 1-3 hours of a game per week outside of class and across many genres, then meet in class to discuss both the game that we have played that week as well as broader topics pertaining to games as art in general. This class is not intended for any particular video game skill-level: first time players are just as welcome as hardcore gamers, and all games that we will play will be made available to you at no cost. All you’ll need for this class is a computer, a bit of hand-eye coordination, and the eternal drive to prove your mom wrong about the usefulness of all those hours you spent playing games instead of doing homework. Umbasa \[T]/

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