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EXCO-623: Steel Pan Exco

Instructors: Kitty Schwartz, Jeremy Wesevich, Matthew Sato

In this ExCo, you will learn how to play steel pan. Previous musical experience is not required. The ExCo consists of around 20 people in a rotating system of 15 on pan and 5 in the engine room (auxiliary percussion). Everyone will play around three songs on the pans and one on percussion, culminating in a performance with Oberlin Steel at the end of the semester at the Cat in the Cream. Students should be prepared to rehearse standing for about two hours once a week with a break in the middle of class. Students are also expected to come in either during office hours or on their own time to practice the ExCo music. The course includes an academic component and history project, listening to soca and calypso music alongside learning more about Trinidadian history and the world of steel pan!


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