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EXCO-840: Garden Exco

Instructors: Wren Fiocco, Julie Gerrits, Rachael Hood

This class will be an introduction to gardening! We will be using the Johnson House garden as our teaching lab. The J-House Garden is run by the Resource Conservation Team (RCT). We are an entirely student-run team that aims to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability and awareness through the dorm compost program, food rescue, the Free Store, and other initiatives. We will teach this course in both fall and spring, and will cover everything from garden planning to seed starting to harvesting. Students will learn about a variety of topics, including but not limited to: planning a garden spatially and temporally, learning a history of land and agrarian practices, and teamwork in an outdoor, physical setting. There are no fees for this course, and no experience is required! In fact, this course is perfect for those who have little or no experience in a garden. You should be prepared to get dirty, and the class will involve physical labor for 1-2 hours a week! The midterm form of evaluation will be a brief paper (2-4 pages) on three different seasonal crops for a region of the student’s choosing and the best practices to ensure a fruitful harvest. The final form of evaluation will be a garden plan and timeline for the garden, again based on a region of their choosing. Additionally, at the beginning of the course, each student will pick a plant to research on a weekly basis in concurrence with the theme of the week, and share back their knowledge with the group.

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