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EXCO-415: My Favorite MurderCo

Instructors: Ally Knopf, Maya Gavant   

My Favorite MurderCo is a discussion-based course about the podcast My Favorite Murder and the ways in which humor can be used to approach subject matters that are usually upsetting/unsettling. This course will offer students a space to respectfully discuss the cases featured in the podcast, as well as other cases that they will research and bring to class to share. In addition to covering true crime stories, this course will also touch on the method of storytelling that MFM employs, as well as the intersections of race, class, and gender that affect investigations and media coverage. Due to the nature of the subject matter of the podcast, we will be using/discussing content warnings. No materials are required and you do not have to have listened to MFM to enroll in this course!

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