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EXCO-545: Beginning TapCo

Instructors: Rosemary Shin (she/her/hers) & Ella Baseman (she/her/hers)   

The Beginning TapCo is a 1-credit practicum in tap dance at the introductory level. Tap dance is a unique art form in that it provides the opportunity to move in an expressive or theatrical manner, as any other form of dance might allow, while simultaneously producing music through this movement. This course will expose students to basic tap steps in both the rhythm tap and Broadway tap styles. Students will build up a vocabulary of steps that will enable them to work on developing their own choreography in addition to performing a combination with the rest of the class. Students who have completed this course are encouraged to take the Continuing Tap ExCo in the following semester. This course requires that students be able to be active and on their feet for 30 minutes at a time over 2 hours. Students are also required to perform in the Student Dance Showcase.

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