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EXCO-625: Oberlin College Wind Ensemble

Instructors: Giulian Favrin, Clara Wolfe

Materials Needed: Your wind instrument (or percussion mallets. Percussion instruments provided). If you need a wind instrument we may be able to help you rent one from the Conservatory. We will need to work out if we can help you rent/ borrow an instrument before the end of add/drop to make sure you can take the course! Talk to us, we will help you.

Course Objectives

  • To provide the opportunity for Oberlin College, Conservatory, and community wind and percussion players to participate in an ensemble devoted to classic and modern wind ensemble music.
  • To prepare and play pieces for an audience and to share the love of wind ensemble music with the greater Oberlin community.
  • For members to grow as musicians and performers.
  • For members to learn from each other, share knowledge and experience, and work as a unit – We all play together.  
  • To learn and play 5 pieces as an ensemble in a final performance to finish the semester!

General Requirements:

  • OCWE is open to wind and percussion musicians at or above high school proficiency level.


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