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EXCO-860: ChessCo

Instructors: Greg Gillen, Akshat Phumbhra

The goal of this ExCo is to teach students how to play (or better play) the game of chess, and to introduce students to Oberlin Chess and potentially provide competitive opportunities. After briefly introducing the basic rules of the game, the course will focus on some more intermediate concepts of the opening, middle, and endgame. More specifically, students will become familiar with various opening principles, middlegame attacking and defensive concepts, tactical motifs, typical mating patterns, and various endgame ideas. Chess notation, timing, and tournament etiquette will also be taught with a focus on competitive play. By the end of the course, students will be comfortable playing chess at casual and club levels, and active students should be approaching the ability to play chess at a tournament level. This course has no physical requirements or fees, and all course materials will be provided. Email or for the syllabus or other information.

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