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EXCO-112: Peace First

Instructors: Claudia and Isabelle Olaes

Why take the ExCo, ‘Peace First’? Oberlin’s slogan is “Think One Person Can Change the World? So Do We.” Peace First is giving you the opportunity to change an injustice you see in your community. Through the nonprofit Peace First, you can apply and receive a $250 mini-grant to try and better your community, whether it’s big or small you are being that one person who is doing something to ‘change the world’. Anyone can apply for this grant and we encourage you to tell your family and friends about this grant so they can create their own project. There will be class discussions over injustice, your project and we teach on how change starts with one person. Within five stages, the class takes young people on a journey to change their community through courage, compassion, and collaborative leadership.

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