“Teaching this exco led me to consider teaching as a career!” -ExCo Instructor

“As an instructor, ExCo has given me the opportunity to teach a class of my own design, gaining important experience that I’m currently using on fellowship and graduate school applications. Diving into the experience of teaching my own class has given me a really unique experience that is not available at other schools. As a student, ExCo courses have allowed me to study specialized subjects that the college doesn’t offer classes on, like Black Queer film and Queer Latin American literature, both of which are very relevant to my studies and my major but neither of which is really addressed in college classes that I could take.” -Rita PĂ©rez-Padilla ’18, ExCo Instructor (Representations of Oppression in Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

“If I had to give one piece of advice to Oberlin students, it would be to take or teach an ExCo. It’s such a uniquely Oberlin thing, and I promise that you will not regret taking that class on 3D printing, rock climbing, or toads. Through ExCo, I have been able to explore my existing interests and find new passions, I cannot express how awesome that feels.” -ExCo Instructor

“Teaching an ExCo allowed OSSGUA to prepare students for a serious and difficult winter term trip. It allows us to build community with each other and creates a space to learn about our destination before leaving on the trip. Without ExCo the trip would be a lot harder to pull off!” -Clara Weinstein ’18, ExCo Instructor (Copal AA: A Window Into Indigenous Resistance)

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