Apply to Teach

Application Guidelines – Start here! This document describes the application process, outlines which forms to fill out for a lot of different situations, and gives advice on how to create a syllabus.

The Checklist:

New Course Application, Course Renewal, and Syllabus Upload – Fill out this form to let us know what course you want to teach and submit your syllabus. Note that you must both complete an application and submit a syllabus for us to consider your course.

Instructor Application and Letters of Recommendations  – You must complete the instructor application if you have not taught this specific course before. Even if you have taught a different course in the past, you must complete this form. Forward this form to people filling out your letters of recommendation as well.

Interview Signup – Use this sheet to sign up for an interview. You must complete a low-key 15 minute interview if you’ve filled out the Instructor application. (Will be made available in early April)