Apply to Teach

We have notified the people who have submitted their ExCo applications to schedule interviews. If you have not received an email, please reach out to us at

Application Guidelines – Start here! This document describes the application process, outlines which forms to fill out for a lot of different situations, and gives advice on how to create a syllabus.

The Checklist:

New Course Application, Course Renewal, and Syllabus Upload – Fill out this form to let us know what course you want to teach and submit your syllabus. Note that you must both complete an application and submit a syllabus for us to consider your course.

Instructor Application and Letters of Recommendations  – You must complete the instructor application if you have not taught this specific course before. Even if you have taught a different course in the past, you must complete this form. Forward this form to people filling out your letters of recommendation as well.

Interview Signup – Use this sheet to sign up for an interview. You must complete a low-key 15 minute interview if you’ve filled out the Instructor application. (Will be made available in early April)